Training Funding

Transition Training Fund

Workers who have been affected by the downturn of the Oil and Gas Industry may qualify for a grant from the Transition Training Fund, which is managed by Skills Development Scotland.

Those who qualify could receive a contribution towards training or up to 100% of the costs, one or more courses, costing anything up to £4,000.To determine whether you qualify for a share of the £12m Transition Training Fund, read the eligibility criteria below:

  • You must be resident in Scotland
  • You have been made redundant or currently at risk of redundancy from the Oil and Gas Sector or its’ supply chain
  • You have worked in the Oil and Gas sector or the supply chain as an employee or contractor
  • You must be able to show that the training will help you get a new job
  • You must be actively seeking employment
  • You have not committed to, or undergone, the course of training you’re looking for funding for

You can learn more about the Transition Training Fund, and apply for a training grant by visiting .