Situational Awareness Introduction Training Course

From: £150

Half day course

This course will provide participants with an understanding of error mechanisms and performance influencing factors and provide an introduction to the skills and techniques used to recognise and avoid them.

The training is comprised of tutor-led presentations, discussion and feedback.

If you have more than 3 people to train the in-house option is often more cost effective.



Although Hazard Awareness is very important analysis suggests that hand injuries don’t occur because the victim ‘didn’t know it would hurt’. It was not the absence of this knowledge that caused the accident to happen!

Studying the mechanism of accidents has led to the development of a model where a person can recognise the various elements which come together in order for them to happen. Once people can recognise this they are more able to predict errors, to see the situation coming and to take steps to prevent it happening.

When this preventative skill is added to basic hazard identification people will have the potential to actively prevent incidents.


This course is applicable to anyone who is expected to be involved in Supervision/Management, HSEQ support, task planning, task execution and risk assessment.

Course Outline

  • Human error mechanisms
  • Performance Influencing Factors
  • Cognitive processes
  • Skills and techniques in analysing behaviour and preventing error

Course Outcomes

On completion of this course delegates will be able to:

  • Recognize the causes and mechanisms of human error
  • Understand performance influencing factors
  • Better understand when and how to intervene


Various venues throughout the UK

Course Schedule

Venue Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan
Aberdeen   23   –   – 8   –   – 29
Glasgow   –   – 3   –   – 3   –
Venue Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan

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