Safety Behaviours Training Course

£1,250 + VAT

1 day In-House course

This course will provide participants with an understanding of human behaviour including the social, cultural and organisational influencing factors. The course will focus specifically on the antecedents and consequences of safety behaviours in the workplace.

The training is comprised of tutor-led presentations, interactive workshops, role play, review and feedback.

In-house courses can be delivered for up to 12 people.


A lot of time and effort is spent simply trying to reach a consensus on the definition of ‘behaviour’ and yet it is all around us every day at work and at home.

Our behaviour is down to choice, yet it is influenced by many external factors which can affect the intention, the execution and the outcome of the behaviour chosen.

There are many traps and rabbit holes associated with behaviour, especially with regard to issues such as expectations and communications.

Many organisations base their ‘culture’ on the stated and intended behaviours of their people rather than their actual behaviours.


This course is applicable to anyone who is expected to be involved in task execution, Supervision/Management, HSEQ support and Accident/Incident Investigation.

Course Outline

  • Human behaviour and the associated cognitive processes
  • Social, cultural and organisational influencing factors
  • Stated and intended behaviours vs actual behaviours
  • The antecedents and consequences of safety behaviours in the workplace

Course Outcomes

On completion of this course delegates will be able to:

  • Describe human behaviour
  • Outline what influences human behaviour
  • Identify the consequences of safety behaviours in the workplace and know when to intervene


Various venues throughout the UK

Course Schedule

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