Welcome to another course of the week blog! We’re shining the spotlight on our Managing Situational Awareness training course, telling you who it’s for and why it’s required. It’s also a part of our summer offer, so book before the end of August to get a discount of up to 35% on your training.

This is a course that is tutor led, which can be performed in house for those that wish to train more than three people. It also contains elements of role play, presentations, analysis and in depth discussion.
The Managing Situational Awareness course is designed to reduce injuries by educating managers to spot factors and situations within their team that could potentially be hazardous. This gets to the root of why these accidents happen, instead of reacting to the situation as it occurs.

By the end of the course, managers will be able to more effectively predict and prevent these situations from happening. This also gives them a better awareness in order to boost performance, effectiveness and also the efficiency of the team.

If you’re a supervisor or manager, or have one of these within your company, then the Managing Situational Awareness course is ideal. For larger groups of up to 12, it’s possible to conduct this training in house to make it even more cost effective. This allows you to train more of your staff, creating a safer and more productive environment.

These delegates will be trained in human error mechanism, cognitive processes and behaviour analysis. This gives these managers the foresight to spot potential hazards before they impact their staff. This can save time and injuries that can impact the profitability of any business.

Be sure to book the Managing Situational Awareness course now in order to receive a discount. If you have any queries on this course, then get in touch with us to discuss them in full.

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