FQM Training is dedicated to not only offering you the very best classroom and online training courses, but we also want to provide this to our clients at a fantastic price. Our course of the week promotion allows us to offer you a range of some of our most popular courses but at a discounted rate that won’t break the bank.

This week, here at FQM Training we are offering you the chance to receive up to 35% off our Developing Resilience Training Course, which would normally cost you £850 + Vat. This is a half day in-house course and we can deliver this to up to twelve people.

With this course, you will be learning the resilience skills that are required to solve problems that can be work related, domestic or a mix of the two. We will show you how to overcome these challenges in a way that will protect personal health and wellbeing so that your workforce is as happy, healthy and productive as it can be. This course is well-suited to every member of staff no matter what sector you are in or your position of authority.

On completion of this course, you should be able to resolve and manage challenges under adverse condition, improve your communication skills and you should be better able to protect your health and wellbeing to ensure you are a productive member of the working team.

We hold our Developing Resilience Training Courses throughout the UK. If you would like to book this course, you can do so online here. We are also happy to chat you through this course should you need any more information or have a specific query that you would like answered. Our live chat function can be found in the lower left hand side of the screen and this is the quickest way in which you can contact our friendly staff.

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