ISO 9001 courses tend to be among the most popular courses at FQM Training, so you will be glad to know that it’s part of our discount package to celebrate summer along with 14001/45001 management systems as part of the course.

We’ve applied up to 35% discount on our range of courses across June, July and August – and the ISO 9001/14001/45001 internal auditor training course is on that list.

This type of ISO 9001 course along with the other standards you will learn about is perfect for delegates who are internal auditors or potential auditors who are looking to gain a wider understanding of the 3 management standards.  The course lasts 2 days, and the main objective is to improve upon occupational, health and safety and environmental management systems within your company.

By the time of completion, as well as a sound understanding of the management standards – you should also be able to differentiate and describe the differences between auditing processes and know how to apply techniques that you have learned throughout the course.  

You should also be able to not only plan audits but be able to complete them – as well as report your findings of both standalone and integrated systems.  If you do find any areas requiring improvement during the audit, this training will also introduce you to the techniques required to investigate and identify corrective measures, while ensuring you meet the requirements of the standards, but looking for continual improvement

Our discount for this course and many others, will run until the end of August – so make sure you book your place before then.  This is the best time to train your staff at FQM Ltd – so be sure to check out our site for the featured “Course of the Week”.  If you have any queries on the ISO 9001/14001/45001 course – please feel free to get in touch with us.

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